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Independent Living

Sometimes we feel an important family member needs more care than a nursing home can provide. They need to be at home with you, however you feel your home may not be suitable. The good news is, it can be and we can take the worry out of this for you.

2018-02-06 12.20.19.jpg

Home care solution for a family in Thornlie.

Rarely does a project come along that you feel thankful that you can assist. As this existing homes facilities were completely unsuitable for the care that was required to be given, we were tasked with making the necessary changes to allow independent living at this home. The old enclosed Verandah and laundry/toilet were converted into an accessible bathroom and laundry along with a kitchenette to maintain complete independence for as long as possible.  

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If your home does not have the facilities that you require, contact PRB today for a no-obligation discussion about your renovation project. 

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